Additional Work

Below are some additional layout and graphic design works from my portfolio.


As well, this website is my own personal layout design and graphics, and is created through the use of tools.

Project Document Design

A poster design update for information on the drinking water quality management policy in Oxford County.

Project Document Design

A poster design update that went into local High School's to share information about the youth forum event to the students for the 2018 municipal election in Oxford County.

Project Print Ad Design

A newspaper ad design to share important information on the relocation of a waste depot with Oxford County residents.

Project Brochure Design

A general brochure design that was adjusted to be used as the template for brochures across the departments of public health. The brochures were used to outline various services and information about topics for clients to use as resources.

Project Document Design

A flyer and postcard design that outline information about a motion for clean energy launched by Oxford County. Necessary text was provided to be designed for in flyer form; this led to a request for a postcard sized design to be made as well.

Project Pitch Slide Deck Design

A slide deck design outlining a project pitch for a guidebook about designing for accessibility. Layout and graphics are my design.

Infographic Design

First, an infographic design expanding on Oxford County's affordable housing plan and results. Layout and graphics are my design.


Second, an infographic design summarizing and visualizing Oxford County's annual report on Vectorborne Diseases. Layout and graphics are my design.


Third, an infographic design evaluating the privacy settings of the mobile application Pokemon Go. Overall layout and some graphics are my design.

National Housing Day Infographic
Annual Report Infographic
Pokemon Privacy Infographic

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